What Is Testosterone And Why Is It Of Extreme Importance To Man?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is produced in the testes. This plays a vital role in the life of a man as it is responsible for maintaining the day to day activities. Women also produce testosterone, but the quantity that is produced in a man is far greater than women. Therefore, men need to ensure to maintain their testosterone levels at all times. In fact, doctors too recommend getting a regular checkup done with regards to checking on the testosterone levels. If there is a dip to your testosterone levels, this can give rise to various health complications.

Low Testosterone

What Are the Reasons That Leads To Low Testosterone Levels?

At youth, your body can produce testosterone hormone in abundance. Therefore, you have the energy and zest to lead your life to the fullest. However, as you age, your body begins to face a dip in its testosterone levels. Moreover, if you choose to lead a sedentary lifestyle that comprises of no exercising and eating junk fried foods, then the depletion process of your testosterone levels are accelerated. Therefore, it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle comprising of a daily routine of exercising along with healthy nutritious diet. This will help you maintain your testosterone levels for a longer period. However, you are going to have to deal with the dip in testosterone levels which is caused due to the natural process of aging.

What Are the Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

Testosterone is responsible for almost every activity a man does. There is a drastic negative change once the body faces a dip in the testosterone levels. The vital symptoms of low testosterone are:

  • You lose out on the zest and energy to live life
  • You feel lethargic and lazy throughout the day
  • You feel hungry at all times which leads to obesity
  • You lose out on muscle mass
  • You may face erectile dysfunctional issues
  • There is lack of sex drive
  • Your partner does not get satisfied during sexual intercourse
  • You are unable to focus and concentrate
  • You feel tired at all times
  • You face irritable mood swings
  • You tend to feel depressed most of the time
  • Your family life can end up getting ruined

Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

The points mentioned above are some of the common symptoms faced by men which are caused due to low testosterone levels. These symptoms should not be ignored. If you ignore them, they can end up causing hazardous health conditions. Some examples of serious health conditions that low testosterone may lead to are diabetes, heart attacks, etc.

How To Tackle Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone can lead to various complications, therefore; it is important to keep these levels well maintained at all times. If you feel there is a dip to your testosterone levels, visit your physician and have this checked out. There are various testosterone boosters which are available on the market shelves that claim to provide useful results. However, it is best recommended to have this checked out with the doctor first before use of any pills.

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